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Born in Ghana, I came to the United States when my father came to teach history at Talladega College in Alabama as a Fulbright Scholar.
I was introduced to the work of James Huff, an artist teaching at the college. He painted huge intricately detailed portraits of African American women that blew me away! They were so detailed, yet simplistic. I was lit on fire!
I had that young braggadociousness and thought, I can do that! I have since learned how much dedication, determination, and skill it takes to capture the essence of my subjects. I dedicate myself to the continual process of artistic challenge, and personal growth for that matter.

I am still working, and still learning, through the wonderful journey called life, and finding the skills needed to fully release the essence of my subjects, in order to communicate to diverse communities and cultures about a people who have been disenfranchised and viewed negatively throughout the years.

I hope that you will join me as I continue my growth. And as I share with you my joys, you in turn will experience the beauty and diversity of our lives.
Last year, 2019, I was honored with a solo exhibition at the Jepson Center for the Arts, part of the Telfair museum system here in Savannah.

In this age of Covd-19, that our whole earth has changed totally how we will interact with each other moving forward, I will still engage with you on how i see these changes and how we learn to live with each other. Are we going to learn any lessons or still function the same as before.


Sensations, Kwahmena-poh
Tomorrows hope orange - Kwahmena-poh,-
Kwahmena-poh, Tommorrows
Kwahmena-poh, Tommorrows hope black