Founder of Cannon Fine Arts

Rose Cannon

Cannon Fine Art Gallery, LLC,  has been in existence since June 2019, doing temporary art shows in and around Evanston, Illinois. This art company is brought to you by Rose M. Cannon, a June 2019 graduate of the Evanston Community Business Academy and a lifelong resident of Evanston. She has spent most of her professional career in US governmental work from which she retired in 2016 and has studied both visual and performance art from grade school in Evanston through 4th year of University. Rose has completed requirements for a 1973 B.A. in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, and although most of her professional life was spent in government service, she always longed for the time to return to the arts and kept close contacts in both areas of visual and performance art. After retirement Rose began taking art courses to refresh her skills and discovered that owning and operating her own art gallery would bring further joy and satisfaction to her life.

As the owner and gallerist/curator of Cannon Fine Art Gallery, Rose represents artists exhibiting their work to sell. The gallery business generally requires her to scout local, national, and international markets, wherein, her artists might exhibit their work in shows. Additionally, she keeps close tabs on various sources of funding to which her artists might apply, and she also keeps ongoing contact with local and international art markets. She maintains constant contact with the artists she represents, attempting to inspire them to continue creating and to satisfy their professional needs and wants.  Rose is constantly on the lookout for exciting professionally established and emerging artists to represent in her gallery.

Currently, Cannon Fine Art Gallery has been slowed in holding in-person shows due to the current pandemic restrictions of quarantining and social distancing (which at this writing are beginning to open a bit more). For that reason, the current business has gone exclusively virtual and online until restrictions are fully lifted, and even beyond the lifting of those restrictions, it is uncertain what the art business will look like once everything is fully opened. In fact, one of Rose’s highest wishes is to find a brick-and-mortar gallery to house her shows.  Currently, Cannon Fine Art Gallery in collaboration with other artists and curators will be bringing a gallery show to the Noyes Cultural Center of Evanston in September 2021, examining the topic of ‘what does restorative justice mean to you and what is your understanding of Reparations’.

My patrons and interested parties may see my artists’ work here at CannonFineArtGallery.com .


Mission & History

The artists that I will show in my online gallery represent our original cast of artists from our ‘Soulworks’ shows that were held at the 1100 Florence Gallery in Evanston and also held at the Evanston Art Center in 2019 and 2020. These  artists from my prior shows are bringing new and exciting additions from their current bodies of work as well as bringing back a few well-received past work. My new artists are bringing an additional excitement of new work to the gallery for your viewing pleasure.

As a self-taught gallerist/curator, I find myself in one of the most challenging times in the art world, as we pivot from the usual streams of activity and revenue to re-create alternate and sustainable ways to exhibit and promote art through this pandemic and beyond. Each artist will be offered the protection of the “Ross-Sutton Agreement” (at the artist’s discretion) for the purchasing of art, where the artist, post-sale, retains the right of first refusal when it comes to that particular sale. The agreement would prohibit a buyer from selling the work at auction for three to five years after purchasing it, and ask that the artist receive 15 percent from “the upside,” the profit from subsequent sales of their work.

Cannon Fine Art Gallery (solely online presence at this time), headed by Rose M. Cannon, gallerist/curator and owner, seeks to represent emerging and established artists of color, who have historically been underrepresented (and underpaid) in the art world and are finding themselves in this exciting time of emerging social justice work seeking to expand their careers. I am intent on bringing art shows and my website presence exploring the intersectionality of art and social justice work, even if it means no more than exhibiting works of artists of color (and including artists from all other cultures who address the struggles of repressed peoples around the world) in venues where all people might come together in a warm and hospitable environment. Additionally, I am committed to developing and serving artists that I represent in the pursuit of developing their careers and seeking sources of revenue to support themselves.